006 – Developing Purpose and Goals

Developing Purpose

What is your purpose? What is your vision for yourself? What goals have you set for yourself? Why these goals and not others?

In this podcast I discuss about why purpose is important and how it affects procrastination, present a step-by-step approach to developing it (while encouraging you to craft your own approach) and provide resources for further exploration.

The steps:

  1. Prepare your mind with stimulating questions
  2. Find and define your core needs
  3. Set up scales for assessing to what extent you’ve met your core needs
  4. Assess your present position
  5. Establish the big picture: the next levels of fulfillment.
  6. Brainstorm 30 ideas for each big picture goal
  7. Narrow the list down. Look for solutions that repeat.
  8. Choose 3-5 goals. Smartify them.
  9. (optional) Analyze impact on core needs to gain further clarity
  10. Create a period purpose summary
  11. Create plans and milestones
  12. Create supporting rules and habits
  13. Review and repeat periodically

Recommended book: Goals! by Brian Tracy

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