2 thoughts on “0055 – Season Finale: I Guess I’m Not a Swashbuckling Entrepreneur”

  1. I haven’t listened integrally yet but I heard that you are working a job now. This topic is really relevant to me at the moment because the time is approaching when I will be faced with a similar fork in the road.

    If I got things correctly you wanted to make a living being an entrepreneur following your passion.
    After about 1 year you have not succeeded and you got a job.

    From what I have seen most people seem to offer this dichotomy. You either get a job or you become a successful entrepreneur doing what you love.

    I am really curious what you think about this 3rd option: you become an entrepreneur doing something you do not necessarily care that much about with the main purpose of making money and after you accumulated enough capital in order to be able to sustain yourself and then transition to what you actually find the most meaningful to you.

    Is this something you considered? If so, why is it that this would not be preferable to you instead of working a job?

    1. What I’m trying to do is to have a part-time job and combine that with working on the business of Valiant Growth. So far, being employed has proven to be easier than being an entrepreneur for me, but I’m happy to make slow and steady progress in managing my own time as well. So it’s a mixture of a job and a side-hustle, or a passion project and a job to keep the lights on, depending on how you look at it.

      I think the approach of going for financial independence first is a strong alternative too, whether that’s through employment or entrepreneurship. The reason that I have kept a job is that being an entrepreneur is something that’s quite alien to me and I’m learning the ropes quite slowly.

      I haven’t really had any entrepreneur role models for most of my life, so it feels a bit like an alien world that I don’t have a strong grasp on yet. Compared to that, I find the process of finding and keeping jobs very-very easy. I’ve learned to embrace the purpose and value of whatever job I find more than before, but I still think that I’d feel pretty dissatisfied just having that. Mixing the two feels like a good balance for what I am capable of right now.

      Whenever I think of having an enterprise in a field that I care about less, my next thought is that figuring that out would take the same effort as figuring out how to be in the personal development space, so why not just to that instead? And since I need very little money (comparatively speaking), even a mediocre small business in a niche field would cover my needs. So I’d rather just try working on what I like and covering the income gap with other jobs as long as it takes.

      When it comes to the fork in your road, if you feel that you can take a good shot at having a business from the get go, you have the personal skills necessary and you’d enjoy that more than having a job, I say go for it. 🙂

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