Why You Want to Exercise and Live Healthy (with Chris Stefanick)

Why You Want to Exercise and Live Healthy (with Chris Stefanick)

I’ve been an ultra-sedentary person for most of my life and had zero interest in anything to do with physical health.

But I am doing more now than I did before. And my friend Chris Stefanick can claim some credit for that. He showed me a vision of health that’s focused on living a better and longer life, having more fun, having fewer limitations, of joy in movement and nutrition and self-care not because the end result impresses someone but because it’s a path of self-mastery, of learning something new for its own sake.

This is a talk with Chris. My aim is to nurture your intrinsic motivation to live a healthier life and show you some potential paths you can go down on. In the manner with which you might have gotten accustomed to on this podcast (and then gotten unaccustomed to over the past few months), we’re going to focus on the why and on strategy, and also on how to do it without a lot of (or any) financial expense or extra stuff.

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What’s holding you back from a healthier life?

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