0045 – Non-Violent Communication Is an Inside Job – Interview with Darrell Becker

NVC with Darrell Becker

Darrell Becker is a frequent guest of many podcasts that I like, often talking about the Trivium method, the Non-Agression Principles and Non-Violent Communication. In this episode we talk about the basic ideas of Non-Violent Communication, work through real world examples of using it, and other related questions such as that of enemy imagery.

My episode on the key ideas of NVC is at valiantgrowth.philipfrey.co.uk/e44

Read the book at valiantgrowth.philipfrey.co.uk/nvc or get a free audio course version at valiantgrowth.philipfrey.co.uk/audible (if not already a member)

Another interview with Darrel that you might want to listen to is his intro to NVC and the Trivium method on Nick Hazelton’s Anarcho Yakitalism Podcast and his series with Bret Veinotte at the School Sucks podcast.

You can find more of him at voluntaryvisions.com.

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