0037 – The Art of Stress-Free Relationships Part 1: Friends vs. Allies

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Let me give you a familiar situation:

You’ve just met someone, and you really like their knowledge on X, or the Y things that they’ve done, or the Z books that they’ve read. There is, however, a problem. They are don’t share your values. Or they oppose you philosophically. Or they’re just a difficult person to be around.

You’d love to be friends for some reasons, but you also dread to be for others. What do you do?

The concept of allies to the rescue!

In this podcast I talk about the difference between friends and allies (or, more specifically: accidental allies, chosen allies, friends, close friends, romantic partners and co-parents), and how you can use this knowledge to enable you to have relationships with otherwise complicated people, streamline your existing relationships and be able to avoid, guilt-free, going to places where you don’t want to go.
This episode is the first of The Art of Stress-Free Relationships series, where I look into common sources of stress and complications in relationships, and give you the ideas and steps that will make your relationships much more enjoyable (perhaps even…amazing?)

2 thoughts on “0037 – The Art of Stress-Free Relationships Part 1: Friends vs. Allies”

  1. Thank You! Now I see why many of my past relationships had conflict and as you say, drama. I’m usually overconfident and generous, but after listening to your podcast I realised I could have avoided many complications with people if I’d made the clear distinctions you present and I’d had set the limits with people with whom I needn’t have shared personal intimacy, only to see afterwards with disappointment that they weren’t fit for my expectations. Well, too bad for those broken past relationships, now for the future, thanks, I know what to do…

    1. Robert, I’m glad that you found this idea as powerful as I did. Deciding to ease into relationships rather than rushing them, and finding the joy even in limited interactions has helped me have a much higher success rate. Perhaps most surprisingly, when I took time slowly getting to know people, I’ve learned to understand and accept some of their traits which would’ve probably scared me away if I were going all-or-nothing. Good luck in the future!

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