030 – The Philosophy of Frugality: Key Ideas from Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Lund Fisker

Early Retirement Extreme

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Begin by getting the book 🙂

Why didn’t I bring this episode to you sooner? That’s the question that I ask myself now that I’ve finished recorded it – you could be months ahead on your financial independence plan!

This is my presentation of Early Retirement Extreme – I talk about the philosophy of frugality, I talk about how it’s an embodiment of a great strategy book and I present some really useful frameworks for thinking about your goals, your independence and your purchases.

It’s a great book, I suggest that you get it now, even you have a full reading list. Every person I’ve ever shown this book to has regretted not reading it sooner.

Find it the book at http://valiantgrowth.philipfrey.co.uk/ere

Also find Jacob’s website at http://earlyretirementextreme.com, Joshua Sheats’ review of the book for more excerpts on the philosophy at https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/3 (it was his 3rd episode as opposed to my 30th, he knows what he is doing) and Mr. Money Moustache’s blog at http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/ for a more approachable…approach.

Find out when you can finally retire!

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