029 – The Extreme Saving Way – How You Can Retire in 5 Years, Regardless of Your Age or Income

The Extreme Saving Way

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The title’s no lie – you can retire in 5-10 years from now! No, really! And in this podcast, I present the way (well, give you an entry point for your own exploration)!

If you are not familiar with extreme saving/early retirement/early retirement extreme, this is one episode you have to listen to! I say this with no exaggeration: this is life-changing stuff.

If you are an early retirement expert, you might choose to listen simply to hear how much fun I had with the subject! I love talking about early retirement, and the love shines through – this was the most enjoyable episode to record to date.

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The book link is an affiliate link, and I’m sharing it with you for my own benefit: not really because of the small percentage of the sale I get now, but because I want to have a rich audience in the future!
Also see one of the most popular VG episodes on how to realistically spend only $2/day on food @ valiantgrowth.philipfrey.co.uk/e14

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