015 – How I Lost 45 lbs (20 kg) – Systems and Self-Knowledge in Weight Loss

How I Lost 45 lbs

Losing weight is a difficult challenge – and some who achieve it often leave hard-to-follow paths behind them. Add to that a lot of poor and shallow advice out in the mainstream, and no wonder that obesity is still on the rise, despite unprecedented amounts information and awareness.

In this episode I aim to extract the lessons that I’ve learned in my own weight loss journey, and provide tools and encouragement to those who seek to start out on this path. In typical Valiant Growth fashion, I aim to explore both the practical steps and the self-knowledge underpinnings of this tricky subject.

Weight Chart
Weight Chart (kilograms)

Tracking weight, logging food, calculator: www.caloriecount.com

More detailed nutritional information: nutritiondata.self.com

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