014 – How To Spend $2/day on Food

Two Dollar Food Budget

Food spending can be a substantial part of our budget – and thus is a prime candidate for optimizing!

In this podcast I present the simple approach that helped me create a balanced and flexible diet while spending $2/day. I also talk about why saving on food is something worth considering, and also taking the pain out of cooking!

List of Food Prices with kcal/GBP (UK Tesco, Feb 2016)

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3 thoughts on “014 – How To Spend $2/day on Food”

  1. Curious to know how you spend $2 a day on food which foods do you buy and where do you find them at this price thank you very much for your time

    1. I shop in mainstream supermarkets. As for the foods that I buy, there’s not really a particular type that I’ve stuck to over time. I just try to make things work on a calories/dollar principle, changing recipes to make them cheaper for example.

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