010 – Careers are a Scam

Careers are a Scam

In this podcast I discuss the false promises of self-development and growth inherent in traditional careers, touted by HR departments and society at large.

Ideas discussed:

  • Technical skills don’t necessarily equate to growth, and rarely translate to personal life skills
  • Most time in most jobs is not spent in “stretching”, growth-inducing situations, rather already built skills are mined
  • The lifelong impact of an early building of self-knowledge and psychological health
  • You might not want to build “people skills” – learning to adapt to difficult people vs. learning to find/earn better people
  • The traps of a high income, when preceding frugality and self-healing skills
  • The often overlooked risks of being an employee, especially a highly specialized one
  • A traditional career might still be the right choice

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