0044 – I See A Different World: Key Ideas from Non-Violent Communication

“I feel I am a very rich man. I see a different world than you see on the news. I see a world of people committed to compassionate giving, who want to create structures that support this compassionate giving.” – Marshall Rosenberg

I spent a significant amount of time considering the why of Non-Violent Communication. Learning and practice takes effort, so every time I introduce a new technique, tool or philosophy of life, I aim to give you a bond, that if you take this journey, you will achieve this or that. Usually it’s a clear cut question, but NVC offers many benefits and many angles. I chose to highlight the positive outlook and connection that comes from being able to see and be seen as a human being.

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0039 – The Art Of Stress-Free Relationships Part 3: Philosophy and Psychology – The Foundations of Trust

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We’re all familiar with stalemated conflicts, closed down avenues of discussion, concealed-carry resentment. How does one get through them, and how does one avoid them?

The obvious answer is trust, but then the next question arises: OK, how do you get to trust?

My experience is that trust is built through agreement, through negotiation, through clarification. Laying the philosophical and psychological ground rules and approaches in your relationships will make them so much more enjoyable.

In this episode I address the main areas and questions that have worked in my own relationships.

This episode is part of The Art of Stress-Free Relationships Series. The other episodes are:

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028 – Earn Self Esteem, Build Amazing Relationships and Achieve Freedom through Radical Personal Development

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In what can be considered a second introductory to the podcast, I discuss the new motto, and the three levels of personal development.

024 – Organic Learning, Therapy is for Everyone, Art for Self Reflection: Interview with Steven Franssen

A guest I’ve been really looking forward to interviewing, Steven Franssen and I talk about his first steps into self-knowledge, art as a tool for self reflection, dream analysis as a central tool for growth, structure vs. freedom in learning, why therapy is for everyone and how you can know it is for you, and an overview of Steve’s past and upcoming work.

Find Steven’s work at nurturingtruth.com

Steven’s YouTube Channel

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023 – Book Review: Band of Visionaries by Steven Franssen


A review and commentary of the amazing Band of Visionaries book by Steven Franssen. As the “relationship sci-fi” book this is one the most rich and valuable works of fiction out there, and is a must read for valiant growers! It’s also a detailed exploration around the question of saving the world, which has crossed many a libertarian mind, which really sets it apart even in the already very special (and short) list of libertarian fiction. Check Steven’s work out at http://nurturingtruth.com!

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