How to Stop Worrying About the World Without Giving Up On It (with Shane Radliff)

In 1974, a man disappeared somewhere in the Siskiyou Mountains, never to be heard of again. He wasn’t a tourist lost in the forests – he’s been living in the region for years. He wasn’t a rookie camper overwhelmed by wilderness – he had written several articles on camping and survivalism, based on his own experience of practising these skills. So what happened to Tom Marshall?

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Politics Don’t Matter (When Compared)

It was a little past midnight on Wednesday and I was sitting in the bathtub. It was the 9th of November, and I was feeling terrible.

I had no idea who the Prime Minister of Romania, the country where I grew up, was.

I had no idea which party was in power in the UK, where I had been living for the past year and a half.

But I had just spent 12 months following the ups and downs of the 2016 US elections, a country that I couldn’t vote in, had no real way of living in in the short and medium-term, and hadn’t even visited.

A 5 point swing in the betting odds (on average more accurate than polls) could make me feel happy, sad, angry, afraid or confident. Something was very, very wrong.

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0046 – Day 19 of the Early Retirement Extreme 21 Day Makeover – Getting Rid of Your TV (Addiction)

A TV (or insert other entertainment technology here) will cost you some money, but it will cost a lot more than that for your growth – if you aren’t aware of what you are doing.

But entertainment is not the greatest threat – in fact, for many of you, it may not even be all that significant. The allure of narrow technical skills over broad life skills (personal development) can just as well cost you in terms of your long-term happiness.

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0035 – Enjoying the Journey: Sustainable and Fun Goal Achievement

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You’ve heard about long-term thinking, and not sacrificing your future for your present. But how about not sacrificing your present for your future?

It’s okay to relax. It’s okay not to have a calendar that’s full 24/7. It might in fact lead you to not only a better experience of life, but also to more creativity, more big picture thinking and a higher self-esteem.

But – how about that pressing feeling of dissatisfaction? That knowledge that you aren’t doing enough? That others are getting ahead of you?

Being able to enjoy the journey is not the easiest thing in the world – and perhaps this episode will help you get thinking and show you some possible paths forward.

Something that can help a lot is a good community. A community of people who believe both in achievement but also in gentleness. Well, guess what?

An episode worth checking out is, on the intimately connected issue of procrastination.

Personal integrity is something that you will build in this process, and you can read more about it at

A great way of achieving both peace of mind and higher productivity is through implementing great systems. My favourite is

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028 – Earn Self Esteem, Build Amazing Relationships and Achieve Freedom through Radical Personal Development

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In what can be considered a second introductory to the podcast, I discuss the new motto, and the three levels of personal development.