0046 – Day 8 of the Early Retirement Extreme 21 Day Makeover – Get Engaged!

Meaningless work is a self-perpetuating cycle. People buy things to take their minds off of work, and work to be able to buy those things. Challenging this cycle in your own life is on the greatest leaps that you can take in your personal development.

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021 – Starting Early, Starting Strong: Interview with Nick Hazelton, Host of the Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

A great chat with Nick Hazelton, where we talk about how he started a podcast and a business at 15, getting into libertarianism/anarcho-capitalism, dropping out of high-school and college for better education, habits and productivity and a personal growth pitch for the value of studying philosophy.

Books and podcasts mentioned:

Nick Calls in to Michael Dean After Dark – Starts at 54:54

Free to Choose by Milton Friedman, book on free market economics

The School Sucks Podcasts

How to Teach Your 8-Year-Old to Earn with Job Skills, Build Businesses and Invest Wisely on the Radical Personal Finance Podcast

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, book on time management

Getting Things Done by David Allen, book on productivity

Intro to The Philosophy of Objectivism, video

Philosophize This Podcast

Foundation of Philosophy on the Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast


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010 – Careers are a Scam

In this podcast I discuss the false promises of self-development and growth inherent in traditional careers, touted by HR departments and society at large.

Ideas discussed:

  • Technical skills don’t necessarily equate to growth, and rarely translate to personal life skills
  • Most time in most jobs is not spent in “stretching”, growth-inducing situations, rather already built skills are mined
  • The lifelong impact of an early building of self-knowledge and psychological health
  • You might not want to build “people skills” – learning to adapt to difficult people vs. learning to find/earn better people
  • The traps of a high income, when preceding frugality and self-healing skills
  • The often overlooked risks of being an employee, especially a highly specialized one
  • A traditional career might still be the right choice

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007 – Choosing the Right Job: Principles and a Framework

There are many situations when you have to decide between competing occupations or sources of income. If you find yourself being lured to many different ways of getting an income, if you are thinking of a career switch, or looking into becoming an entrepreneur and are not sure about your decision, or if you find that your decision has little staying power, this podcast if for you!

Ideas discussed in this episode:

  • The role of parents, peer and society in misleading us when making career choices
  • The need for courage and self-knowledge in finding the right path
  • A (mathematical) framework for evaluating different jobs/income sources

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