Valiant Growth is a blogcast* on personal development that empowers you to earn self-esteem, build amazing relationships and achieve freedom!

Personal development is a broad topic, with many different people taking radically different approaches to it. This can make navigating the subject difficult. Here’s what you can expect from this blogcast:

It’s actionable

I aim to make every episode contain information that you can directly implement in your life. It may be a technique or habit, it may be a new framework or it may simply a useful new way of looking at things, but I want to do my best to enrich your life with every piece of content. Sometimes I take risks that don’t quite pan out, but this is my overall philosophy.

High-impact, broadly applicable topics only

To achieve the previous goal, I stick to personal development topics (see the list be by checking the “Topics” menu). I will only discuss ideas when I see them as having a clear and wide personal impact. So you won’t find a lot of politics, economics, abstract philosophy and ethics, religion and technical skills discussed on Valiant Growth, unless a clear connection can be made to personal development (though I have/had strong positions on all of the above).

It’s covers a wide range

The blogpodcast covers many of the questions of personal development. I’ve done episodes on psychology, relationships, personal finances, eating and fitness, frugality and others.

I believe that our growth and happiness is directly limited by our weakest skills. The examples are countless where man and women of great achievement have been dragged down by the the areas of their lives that they paid no attention to.

It’s not enough to earn well – one must also know how to translate that into financial safety and independence through frugality and investment. Time management and productivity are an exercise in futility without greater goal management  which in turn is all in vain if those goals are not carefully guided by a deep understanding of our needs. All of that can be brought down by unwanted loneliness, or by poorly managed relationships etc. I discover new connections every day.

Therefore I believe that a good personal development resource must discuss, open doors to, and give resources for growth in as many fields as possible, and Valiant Growth aims at that.

It goes deep

This may be a personal preference, but I’m a radical guy – I like to go to the roots of questions. I believe that it’s more important to learn frameworks of thinking and core ideas than to learn what particular technique, software or fad is trending at the moment. The particular tools we develop in our lives are our own, and work best when developed or at least personalized by us. On the other hand, I believe we face very similar big pictures challenges and growth opportunities.

That’s why I like to go deep.  This is reflected in every aspect of the blogpodcast: the length of episodes, the topics chosen, the guests invited, the tone and format. If you want maximal meat and minimal fluff, I think you will love this blogcast!

It’s secular

Valiant Growth is mysticism and religion free. That means that I put little stock in the impact on personal development of forces whose existence is difficult to prove. It also means that what is appropriate as a goal for human existence is not taken from a particular religion. My working assumption is that we are worthy of a fulfilled life in this life, and can uncover the way there through the power of our own thinking, learning and experience.

That said, the blogcast isn’t explicitly skeptic, atheist or anti-religion. It’s simply treated as a non-issue unless related directly to personal development topics. Persons of faith should be able to fully enjoy this podcast.

meThe creator of the blogcast is me, Philip Frey.  I’m 25 year old guy, and I’m fascinated by the growth potential and hidden resources we all have inside of us. I’m a Valiant Grower myself, and many of the ideas discussed on this show stem from my own experiences on this journey.

I launched this blogcast to aid my own learning, share my knowledge with others seeking radical personal development, meet like-minded people and create a purposeful and connected way of earning an income.

As of December 2016, I quit my “day job” and am fully focused on creating this blogcast. If you want to help me out in this critical early phase, please consider donating to the blogcast.

I have a YouTube vlog where you can get to know me better.

I currently live in London, UK.

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*A blogcast is combined blog and podcast. This is an ongoing experiment: Near the one year anniversary of the Valiant Growth podcast, I’ve decided to combine podcast audio episodes with standalone accompanying blog posts – replacing summary show notes.